Monday, 10 October 2011

Prayer - does God really want to listen to me?

Prayer - does God really care?

I've been thinking a lot about prayer recently and I started a train of thought during the night last night which worried me.

"Does God really want to hear me ramble on night after night?"

We need to remember that God is interested in us and all of our stuff. If we think of prayer simply as a spiritual activity that we must do each day in the same way that we clean our teeth we will soon become despondent.

God loves hearing from us, spending time in His presence. In the same way that I love hearing from my son when he gets home from school, God always has time for us and the Amen at the end of our prayer will always come from us.

Living in a global community it is very easy to feel lost in the crowd. Through prayer with a loving God we have someone who wants to listen to it all with avid interest.

Feel encouraged and keep chatting to the one who loves it and actively desires it.

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