Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life with one hand

I've had my arm in a sling immobilised for nearly two weeks now and I have another four weeks to go.

The operation went well on 20th September. I arrived at ward 16 at 7:15am as asked. I was on the morning list and by 10.30 I was being wheeled off to theatre with Mr Bryan. I was incredibly impressed with the theatre technician and anaesthetist who both reassured me and got me hooked up to drips with very little pain.

I woke two hours later on Ward 14 in quite extreme pain. The staff were great on Ward 14 and I felt really looked after. Unfortunately I woke Wednesday morning with a numb neck followed by extreme pain. I ended up staying on Ward 14 until Saturday afternoon.

I've been home a week now and am on a strong concoction of pain killers. My stitches come out on Monday and I start Physio at Solihull.

So I type this with my left hand while I slowly mend!

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