About Me

After graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Education from the University of Exeter I have followed a career in teaching and have worked my way up to Assistant Head teacher level at King Edwards VI Sheldon Heath Academy.

I believe that all children regardless of background and circumstances deserve the best quality of experience at school and I work passionately to support this.

I am a Christian and believe in the amazing message and truth of Jesus.  I take an active involvement in the life ofKnowle Parish Church 

I am passionate about technology and love most things to do with Apple.  I am still getting over the death of Steve Jobs.

I love messing with mixing desks and anything to do with sound engineering and have recently sound engineered for a big show at school.

I am a very proud Dad of two amazing sons Philip (7) and Christopher (4)


  1. Your blog is really good. I like what you have written about God and stuff like that.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I do really appreciate it and am glad that you have found it of some use.

  3. I love this page

  4. I've been trying to create an Internet radio for my wife using your RPi+PiTFT tutorial. It's been a comedy of errors. The latest: Thinking that a capacitive touch screen was better than a resistive one, I ordered the capacitive version before I read that the software is written for the resistive.

    Is there a tweak to make the capacitive version work or should I send it back and re-order?

    I'm 78 and with only slight Linux or programming skills although I've been an Apple and Mac user since 1983.

    Other parts in this comedy of errors: I accidentally ordered a B+ RPi with a Model B Pi-plus-PiTFT enclosure. But I have a B model I've tried to make into a webcam server for my Wunderground weather station, so far without success. So I guess I can swap Pi's.

  5. Hi

    I think that the project is based around the resistive display.

    Do checkout this tutorial.

  6. I posted a version of this comment on 7 March but don’t see it here. I’m reposting:

    I returned to this project a few days ago with some success. I've gotten music from the radio, although the buttons don't work consistently. I'll work on calibration of the touch screen and perhaps I underestimate latency, the time between pressing the screen and seeing a result. But another issue: In the tutorial, “MPC add,” followed by a URL for a streaming audio source, is used to add several BBC stations. I installed them, then used the command to install a single U.S. stream. Those work. But my ultimate purpose is to install several American public radio stations. I followed the steps further down in the tutorial to install those URLs. It's a different process than "MPC add,” writing the URLs into a playlist file. That latter installation has had no effect. And I can't find a file containing the BBC stations so I can delete them. What am I missing?

    On a trip to the UK two years ago, I had a face-to-face meeting with Paul Hodges, a friend from a web forum. He’s at Oxford, was recording a performance by his choir when we met. He’s active in a surround sound technique called Ambisonics. Do you know of him?