Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Want to make money on the Internet? Start an Amazon Associate shop

Did you know that with very little experience you can start your own Amazon shop?

Becoming an Amazon Associate is extremely simple, easy and most importantly free.  This then allows you to place adverts on your website, blog or even just tweet out an offer.  For every purchase made from your link you receive a % advertising revenue.

You can also build a full Amazon shop stocking items in categories you choose which interest your readers / followers.  Of course you don't actually have to buy the stock or sell it, this is all done by Amazon!

My Amazon shop can be found here --> fully integrated into my website.

It does take time to decide on what you would like to sell but once set up the Amazon associates shop simply takes care of it self.  With a bit of luck the revenue should follow.

To start your own shop head over to and get started today!

Good luck with your online empire!