Sunday, 7 October 2012

Inspired by a tweet by Vicky Beeching - what is Church 2.0?

As both a member of the congregation and a planning team member for a weekly service at my local church we have been thinking recently about the purpose and core values of our service.

After reading a tweet from Vicky Beeching this morning about Church 2.0 I've thought more about what Church 2.0 looks like.

The first trap I think we sometimes fall into is in thinking that it is about style and presentation.  If you don't have video projection, powerpoint or video clips you must be still stuck at Church 1.0.

For me Church should be about encountering God, engaging with God and being equipped to serve God in our daily life.

How does look like in a Church 2.0 service?

Engagement and interaction

  • Do I get a chance to talk with others around me about questions and issues?
  • Is there an opportunity to feed back ideas to the leader during the service to shape some of the thoughts and teaching?
  • Is there an opportunity to cater for different learning styles?
     I am a visual learner but others may be more 
    kinaesthetic and want something to do practically with their hands

Encountering with God

  • How is the service shaped to facilitate my encounter with God during the service?
  • Is there an expectation that we will meet with God in a real and tangible way which is authentic and not forced.


  • Do we go to Church with the expectation that we will come away different?
  • Does a Church 2.0 service aspire to send out differently to serve in a more efficient / better equipped way?
  • Are these services more practical in their outcomes?  

When Web2.0 came along many people asked what is the difference?  It is about social media, interaction, connectivity and communities?

Does Church 2.0 mean great connection through social media and online communication, greater interaction both within the service and beyond, more connectivity and strengthening communities?  Does the vicar need a twitter account?

Interesting times ahead....

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