Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Apple special event - October 23rd 2012

I'm sat around my HDTV with my sons for the Apple Special Event (October 2012)

If you are reading this live - keep refreshing this page for news as it happens.

200 million devices running iOS6 - the fastest update rate of any software ever!

Document in the cloud - I use this every day and am starting to update documents on the cloud all the time.

iMessage - the best way to send a message over all the platforms.

Game centre - the best way the play games on the Mac or iOS device.

Shared photo streams - a really great way to share photos, in month over 70 million photos shared.

App store - 700,000 apps in the app store with 275,000 iPad apps.  Customers love the apps and have downloaded 35 billion apps.

iBooks one of the most popular apps on the app store - literally hundreds of books where you go! Is there a new iBook coming soon?

Everythig so far has hinted at the competition and is really what Apple are doing in competition.

Are we about to release a competition for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

New version available today (some one shouts out cool)

The Mac

The Mac continues to outgrow the PC market and is consistently named as number 1 computer for reliability as is now the number 1 computer and notebook in the US.  They are really pleased with the continued momentum with the Mac.

New Macs coming today.

Phil Schiller

The new 13 inch MacBook Pro - great bit of hardware, really thin 20% thinner, weighs 3.75 pounds, really light. Two thunderbolts, USB3 and a host of other ports, Retina Display, amazing display -4x more pixels. It is amazing. FaceTime HD camera, dual mics, and stereo speakers. 7 hour battery, i5 or i7 processors -all flash memory. Powernap - updates including backup to timecapulse. $1699 TODAY!

Mac mini

(something called mini in this presentation)

Now has SD card and more USB3 ports. Dual or quad i5, different config models starting at $599 and $999 for a server. Ships today.

The iMac

Great design,  stated in 1998 with the Bondi Blue iMac - update, update with 7 generations. The next generation iMac - impossibly thin, about the same thickness of a tablet!  Stunning from every side, edge to edge glass. 5mm at the edge. Amazing engineering - super strong and thin! Removed the optical drive. 21.5 and 27 inch displays. Fully laminated and anti reflected. 75% less reflected. Face time HD, stereo speaker and microphone. Headphone, SD, 4 USB. Can choose HDD or flash for better performance.

Fusion drive 128GB flash and 1 or 3 TB HDD  fused in one drive. Intelligent movement of files from flash to HDD. $1299 - ships in November 2012.

That completes the announcement for iMac.

Next iPad.

100,000,000 million iPads now sold. This is just under 2.5 years and as a new product in a new sector . New tablets announced almost daily. 90% of traffic comes from an iPad.

Why is iPad so great?

People love their iPads, the love the big display, the fast response, the front camera for FaceTime and the rear camera. People love the connectivity and the all day battery life.  Users live all the apps to help them work, play, create and learn.

iPads have become a real game changer in education - the possibilities are endless. iBooks textbooks created with iBooks author are used in 2500 classrooms.

A new version of iBooks author launched today with updates including fonts, formula. Multitouch widgets and book updates. Free download on Mac App store.

iPad is doing more and more in business.

We announced iPad 3 earlier this year and this now the top selling iPad.

Here comes Phill with a new announcement:

Here we are 6 months later announcing the 4th generation iPad.

iPad A6X processor, double graphics performance, next generation ISP, 10 hours of battery life. HD FaceTime camera. LTE performance, 2x faster WIFI, lightening connector, USB and SD card, HDMI and VGA connectors, retina display, black and white, 16 GB $499.

Here it is the iPad mini - it exists!

What can you do?

New design, not just shrunken down, really thin, beautiful from every angle, really fits in one hand.

7.2 mm thin
0.68 lbs
Black and white
Screen size - 7.9" 1024x768 - everything works!
FaceTime HD phone calls
Great work for iWork and iLife

Better than the iPad 2

A5 chip
FaceTime HD camera
5MP iSight camera on back

The iPad mini has been announced so how much will it cost?

Every inch an iPad - lots of new colour smart covers.

16GB and wifi $329

Pre-order from Friday with WIFI shipping a week later.

2012 - a great year of innovation,

Lots of new products, iOS, Mountain Lion, Cloud based services.

Thanks to everyone who works for us and with us.

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