Sunday, 17 June 2012

The sad demise of the first generation iPad

I have been doing more reading about the reasons why iOS 6 will not be available on the first generation iPad.  Technically there seems to be no reason why this is not possible as the same tech will be available in later iPhone models.  I guess the basic question is how long we should expect a product to remain fresh and supported?

Despite tremendous sales figures the first ten iPad has been eclipsed by the next two models, as you probably would expect.  App developers will now be writing and coding for the new iPads with much better hardware stats compared to the first models.  The question really should be, do we want to run some of these new cutting edge apps on a machine with only one core processor and significantly reduced RAM?

Support and further updates will also be an issue for anyone using the first generation iPad.  As iOS6 rolls out there will be less and less support and updates available potentially leaving the first gen iPad open to security threats.

As far as resale value goes first generation iPads are currently selling on eBay for 64GB for £250 and as low as £120 for the 16GB model. 

The future does not look good therefore for my first gen iPad.

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