Monday, 11 June 2012

Live Blog from WWDC 2012 - part IV

Live Blog from WWDC 2012 - part IV

Scott talking about  iOS 6

365,000,000 million iOS devices with many running iOS 5

- Notification centre
- iMessage, a billion messages sent every day
- Twitter integrated into iOS5
-75% of customers say they are very satisfied (less than 50% for Android)

New features for iOS6 - over 200 new features

- SIRI - lots of new sports results and information type things including "eyes free Siri integration" in the next 12 months.  Local search now going world wide.

SIRI now available on the new iPad.

- Facebook integration right into iOS6

- New phone enhances - text messages, reminders to callers.  Do not disturb, no flashing up screens or buzzes.  You can now select phone calls you want to allow and if people call you repeatedly they will get through.

- FaceTime unifies phone number and Apple ID, so if someone calls your number you can answer on iPad or Mac. Facetime also available over cellular.

- Safari for iOS will get iCloud Tabs shown earlier (see anything open on any Mac/iDevice). Reading list goes offline.

- Photo-stream with new feature of shared photo-streams.

- Email - VIP with a flagged message mailbox. Insert photos and videos into email - how cool

- Passbook - all of your passes in one place.  Boarding passes, store cards and store card available in the app

- Guided access - accessibility Apps including a single app mode where pressing the home button doesn't take you back to the home screen.

- A whole new mapping solution, all new cartography - a world wide effort! Goodbye Google maps.  Local maps and local search!  Traffic service with overlaid incidents. Turn by turn navigation!  Siri integration - ask Siri and she will take you there!  Flyover with a new view taken by helicopters.

200 iOS updates

- game centre
- redesigned stores
- hearing aid support
- account signatures for different accounts
- lost your phone - find my iphone improvements
- improved features for China

iOS beta for developers released - shipped this fall.


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