Thursday, 12 April 2012

How can we discern the gifts God has given us?

Spring Harvest - day 3
How can we discern the gifts God has given us and how we can use them for mission?
“Vocation links us with the purposes of God and is the fulfilment of the identity process.”
Six key questions to ask to think about what gifts God has given you already and what you might need to do to activate them?
Question 1: What have you learnt from God about yourself and has God ever said anything specific?
For most of us the call of God on our lives is not very clear.  The first gift we receive is the gift that God has called us to be ourselves.  To be a part of His church in a way that only we can be.
We each have the gift of the call of God on our lives. We all have a vital part to play.  the gifts we have are not just for religious activities.  There does not need to be divide between the secular and the sacred. 
What has God called us to be?
Question 2: What do you think you are naturally good at?
What is ‘just part’ of the person we are?
It may not be something really extreme but there are things that we are gifted with.
I am good at ....
I am naturally good at ...
Question 3: What have you learned to do well?
The first person in the Bible to be described as filled with the Holy Spirit is a craftsman in order to make the artifacts for the place of worship.  This is the first sign of someone being gifted by the Spirit.
We need to learn the gift of creativity
Question 4: How has God used you in an unusual way?
There has been some debate if the only true gifts of the Spirit are the ones listed in the New Testament.  We can think beyond this - God will give us something that we can’t normally do.
When we think about the gifts of the Holy Spirit we often hear about the amazing things that happen but we must remember that God is here right now and ANYTHING can happen.  The future is open.  God can work though me, you and do amazing things.
Question 5: What do you really enjoy doing?
What gives you pleasure? God gives us the ability to feel pleasure. Part of our call must be to listen to those things that we enjoy. Vocation is where our deepest passion and our deepest need combine.
When we think about what God has given us we should reflect and think about times which we really have enjoyed.  This can teach us about our passions.
We are made for something.
Do we have an imagination or a vision for what is God calling us to do?
Do we narrow our vision of what God will do through us?
Question 6: What do you need to do to be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do without one day falling over?
Do we know what we are about?
Do we know what our purpose is?
Have we found it and know what disciplines we need to put into our lives?


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