Thursday, 12 April 2012

Let them Shine - The People of God

Spring Harvest - Day 2
Let Them Shine - The People of God
1 Peter 2:4-10
It is amazing what happens when people use their gifts for God.  We are all unique with different gifts which can grow so that we can shine for God into the world.  We are light and salt into the world (Matthew 5).  The Church is a magnificent temple made up of living stones made up of the people who worship and serve God.
We don’t always feel like this though (not even on a good day) - we are not like that but we can do things to help us shine our lights brighter for Him.
Is church experience characterized about what you can’t and mustn’t do and a life that is filled every day with church activity? We can sometimes get easily locked into our own insular world.  Is the way we do church the same as what it means to be a Christian? Are we concerned with the outward appearance or the inward appearance that God sees?
God has brought us out from the dark into the marvelous light and we are now a people that shine for God.  We might need to break out from our little world to let the light shine for other people to see.  
In this passage the word ‘you’ appears 10 times.
When we let the light shine into our friends, our work places amazing things can happen.
Becoming the people of God that He intends us to be means we all have different skills and gifts that we can work out into the world.  We do it for the Glory of God - we let the light of Jesus shine through us.  We might need to reposition ourselves, we might need to be reshaped and be ‘put back into circulation’ into places where our light shines the most brightly.  If we have no Christian friends we need to reconnect with people who are non-Christians and need the light of God.  We all have gifts and talents that can be used and we must not be afraid to ask what they are and where we can use them.
We have a massive amount of talents, gifts and skills and we should not be afraid to use them shine as a light from God.  Think of what we do well and where we let out light shine and do it better.
Our quiet witness, acts of kindness, speaking well of people etc at work may seem small but the light does shine through us and people notice it and respond to it.  We are often the ones who people will come to when they are stressed, depressed even if they don’t want to know about Christianity.
How do we start?
Start with prayer that people will see the light of God flowing through us.
Things change when we pray.
When we start to pray for our colleagues, for our work place, through our community change happens.  This might be uncomfortable, scary and takes us out of our comfort zone but our light will shine brightly.

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