Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Church is God's Brilliant idea

Spring Harvest - Day 1 Evening Celebration
The Church is God’s Brilliant Idea
Acts 2:41 - 47
God chose 12 people to change the world and pulls together this disparate group of people.  Think about our own church - what an odd / funny group of people.
There is no better place than when church goes well but we can also really struggle when the community at church goes wrong.
Makes you think - God has never missed a meeting at church!  Every single two or three people have gathered together God has been at the middle of them.  We sometimes make church not a great place to be.
We have to understand church more and the place that church has in the community.
When church is right it is the only community that can bring total transformation for people who come in from the street.  We are not just another social service option.  As a church we can less than beautiful but God sees a beautiful bride.
God has no plan B - Ephesians 2:3-11.  It is us now, the Church here.  Church is a community where anything can happen and God can change lives.
The temple was the place where Heaven and Earth meet and when we meet in church we are in a temple.  God is not going to change the world through another plan - it is us, in our church.  We are the hope of the worlds.
The book of Acts is the story of the expansion of the church.  We are in this together Acts 2:44. The word together is used in Acts over 20 times.  When we are baptized we are not baptized into one denomination but into God’s church.  As a church we are also called to be very public and we should not be afraid to stand up and be counted.  Does this sometimes happen for the wrong reason or do we stand up and proclaim moral issues together.  Are know for what we stand for or stand against?  Do we show publicly our love for Jesus and the love for each other?
Acts 1:8 - we start on a journey though Acts.  In our lives we carry this journey on today.  We carry light into the world, hope into helpless situations.
Church - a community of believers with Christ at the centre.

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