Monday, 2 April 2012

Learning to play guitar with a Mac and GarageBand

Since January I have been learning to play electric guitar by only using interactive tuition.

My main tutors being Garage Band (on the Mac) and a YouTube based guitar tutor.

I have been really pleased with the progress I am making even though I have not had a 'proper lesson' yet.

My current kit includes:

- iPad (running GarageBand - very useful for writing your own practice tracks to play along with)

- MacBook Air running GarageBand with downloaded lessons - chord analysis is fantastic when you are not sure you are playing the right strings.

- Guitar Jack to USB connector to plug the guitar straight into the MacBook and iPad 

- Yamaha REV500 - digital reverb unit

- 20W guitar amp

Learning to play any instrument can be fun as well as frustrating.  Using a Mac as your tutor is a great way to learn!

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