Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Seriously Funny Tour 2011

At the end of November we were really privileged to see Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass at Birmingham Christian Centre as part of the Seriously Funny Tour (2011).

For those who don't know ...

Adrian Plass is a really successful author of Christian books and has produced 37 books in the last twenty five years! The best known is probably "The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass".

Jeff Lucas (who I have heard speak many times at Spring Harvest) is an international author, broadcasters and speaker who holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Colorado (USA).  Jeff really loves laughter and while you sometimes almost wet yourself (sorry) listening to him, Jeff communicates such a clear message about the real and living faith he has in God.

The evening was split into two halves which both started with some amazing singing from singer-songwriter Nicki Rogers.  The style of presentation was really easy to watch and it was almost like two old friends chatting over a pint of beer.  Adrain read excerpts from his writing which were both very entertaining and powerful.  During the second half audience members were invited to ask questions via text message and this prompted some really great conversation and thoughts.  

During the interval both Jeff and Adrian were signing books and I was able to ask Adrian to sign my favourite book "An Alien at St Wilfred's".

If you didn't get a chance to attend the tour there is an excellent book by both Jeff and Adrian simply called "Seriously Funny" and can be found here on Amazon.com 

It was a great night and to be able to see one of my heroes (Adrian) and a preacher who I love listening to (Jeff) was really great.

At the end of the evening Adrian said some really encouraging words about how God wants us to go home, have a good night sleep and simply start again tomorrow.  Really encouraging stuff.

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