Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Book Review: Best in Plass by Adrian Plass

Following-on from my last post about "Seriously Funny" I thought I would share a couple of thoughts about the most recent Adrian Plass book I bought.

The book is a varied collection of Adrian's writing covering many years and books. The book can be bought on Amazon here.

As a huge fan of Adrian I have read almost all of his books and really enjoyed re-reading the best bits.  A great book which I think is well worth the read.

My favourite poem is called worry and I'm just going to include a small section of it here.  I have taken much comfort from this when I've not been able to sleep.


No burglars came again last night,

Just as they failed to come the night before
And for as many nights as I remember,
No burglars yet again.
Although I listened, as I always do for them.
Once more they did not oil and ease the rusty bolt that holds the garden gate
Behind the shed beside the house,
Nor did I hear them moving in the yard at some heart-sobbing wrenching hour.
They did not come.
They were not here again last night
And what if they should never come?
A waste of nights - I might have slept
But if I had, I feel quite sure
They would have come, those burglars
Yes, they would have come.

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