Saturday, 21 January 2012 shutdown

There are many good cloud based storage systems for large files and personally I did have an account at (I won't bother linking it here!) 

Hearing on the news yesterday that they have been shutdown and 4 employees arrested in New Zealand (at the request of the Americans) makes me wonder what will happen to my files!

Federal prosecutors have accused the owners of Megaupload with violating piracy laws, possibly exceeding 500 million dollars in pirated content. Once the 13th most popular website in the world, operating as a free file hosting service for any kind of content, is potentially gone forever. staff claims they were always on top of complaints about material that might have been pirated, but for now the service and the content stored within are gone. Currently, there are no answers available as to whether or not the legitimate content stored there will be released.
As a very legitimate user of I have never downloaded (or uploaded) any copyright material and didn't plan too!  I do hope that my personal homemade video archive is still there!
I am sure that there is a big problem with illegal file sharing but the same approach could be applied to other services such as and even YouTube.
Where will this end?

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