Friday, 13 January 2012

Are the plans to change child benefits fair?

I don't usually blog on political matters but this has upset me!

I like the child benefit we received for the boys, it helps to pay for school uniform and shoes!  We never spend it on ourselves or even toys for the boys.

Is it fair that in 2013 as a higher tax payer we will have this cut?

The handy graphic above from the BBC News Website really shows how unfair this is.

As a Dad going out to work I support myself, my wife, and my two children.  My wife's pay does not cover much more than the childcare costs.

Is it fair that a couple who are earning a combined income nearly twice the threshold still get the benefit when a couple with considerably less don't?

I still have not heard a convincing agreement for the sudden drop off as your cross the higher tax threshold.  There is almost a case for not having career progression to avoid this.

Is it fair - no.

Am I cross - yes.

Will David Cameron or George Osborne back down - probably not.

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