Thursday, 26 July 2012

Help - the weeds are taking over the garden

We have just had our garden cleared and landscaped by a local gardening firm and it looks really lovely.  We have gained about 15 feet of useable garden for my boys to play on.  It was a long process and the guys must have done about 5 full days work, digging, pruning etc.

This has got me thinking about my life and the weeds that grow up in our life and walk with God.  In the garden weeds are manageable if you keep on top of them, even ivy and bramble if cut back every week won't be able to take hold.

The weeds in our lives include negative thoughts, low self esteem, lack of self worth, bad ideas or sinful habits and practices.  These can often start out small and with self examination, prayer and determination can be overcome.  Sometimes if we are not careful the weeds can grow and take hold and like the back of my garden our lives can become swamped and consumed by the weeds.  

When your garden gets to this stage you have a problem because you know deep down that you will never get it back again unless you take drastic action.  Even a little bit of pruning will seem like an impossible task!  I couldn't do it - I didn't have the tools or the resources needed to remove the forest of weeds from my garden.

We may get to a point in our lives where we have to simply cry out to God and say "I can't do it, my life has become over grown with these destructive weeds and habits - help me".  God longs for us to return and will remove all the dangerous growth from our lives and unlike my gardner there is no charge!

Just like in the real garden the weeds do come back and we have to be on our guard to not let them take over.

Having my garden cleared has been a really clear picture of how my own life had become overgrown with these weeds and it is only through the power of God that they can be removed.  Of course once the weeds are gone there is very fertile and empty ground for new growth!

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