Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Apple Magic Mouse

Can you justify spending over £50 on a mouse ......

Today I spent £52 on an Apple Magic Mouse to replace my wired Apple Mouse which broke the other day.

So what makes spending this amount of money on a mouse worth it?

  • The design - the Magic Mouse feels really natural and comfortable in the hand.  I actually find using a new mouse quite painful for a while as my hand gets used to the new shape, but not with this one.
  • Built-in Bluetooth - the mouse connected to my MacBook almost instantly and with no extra cables, adapters it was simplicity itself.
  • Laser accuracy for pin-point movement.  Apple claim that the mouse will work on most surfaces due to the laser guided tracking.  So far I have found it to work on any surface.
  • Multi-touch gestures - to be able to swipe between screens, zoom on the page and scroll through a web page with just gestures is excellent.
I would also highly recommend the app Magicprefs from  This gives you a wider range of configurable settings.


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  2. Wow! Really innovative idea it is. Mouse like this would give you more space and comfort.

    1. I also appreciate that, This is such an innovative idea. Apple always produce something great and better than others.