Thursday, 23 June 2011

You shall not steal

We are currently in a series at Church based on the Just 10 series by J John.  As we are starting from the tenth Commandment we have now got to Commandment number eight -  “You shall not steal”.
In the context of the series by J John the subtitle for the sermon was “Prosper with a clear conscience”.
The sermon started with a thought of what stealing is and how this is something that we all detest.  But after feeling very smug that I don’t rob banks or steal cars the thoughts soon turned to other things that might get taken which don’t belong to us.
Paperclips, the odd pencil or pad of paper from the stationary cupboard was discussed.  
The point was brought home nicely with the quote 
“You shall not steal, unless it’s from the stationary cupboard”
We were then asked to consider other ideas such as stealing time from our employers (time to look at Facebook, check emails, book holidays etc).  And also for employers - do they pay too little or not play fair by their employees.
If we are not stealing time, we were asked to then think do we steal ideas from other people, or books etc.  
So this made me think.
Am I honest in the way I use the resources available to me at work?
Do I use the photocopier for my own purposes?
Do I use the internet connection for doing non-school related things?
Do I use my time well when I am at work?
I don’t think I will put my answers down here.  
But it certainly does make you think.
Do we prosper in work / home / social life with a clear conscience?

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