Thursday, 23 June 2011

Living distinctively in a time of uncertainty

Thursday 8th April seems such along time ago but I have finally got my thoughts together about Spring Harvest 2010.
This was our third trip to SH with this being our second to Minehead.  We set off down the M5 the night before so as to avoid the traffic and eagerly awaited our first day on 8th April.

We managed to arrive really early and get on the camp before week 1 had departed but after finding a really good parking space we were camped outside our chalet.
After getting our planners and sorting out the kids we really felt settled in and ready for the week ahead.
The Children’s programme was brilliant, Christopher really enjoyed being in Mini-Springers and Philip thought that Space Academy was fantastic.  Philip really engaged with the Space Academy materials and we were singing the Space Academy theme tune all the way back to Taunton!
So what were the highlights?
The Big start was brilliant and had our whole family engaged for the first thirty minutes.  The teaching was great and we really enjoyed the drama.  Cathy Madavan was superb and really lead the Big Start well.
The Big Top Bible reading was really powerful and Jeff Lucas was both inspiring and wet yourself funny.  The daily themes being:
The Calling (Genesis 12: 1‐9) 
The Exodus (Exodus 3: 1‐15) 
The Kingdom and Exile (1 Samuel 12) 
The Fulfilment (John 1: 1‐18)
After learning to pace myself from the last two years we tried to not cram too much into the afternoon sessions but we think we went to everything we wanted to:
Day 2 - Godly Men
Day 3 - Digital life
Day 4 - Parenting with passion: primary school children
Day 5 - 
Through Babysitting and taking it in turns to go out and watch the Chalet vision we managed to see all of the evening celebrations.
Vicky Beeching was fantastic as a worship leader and really helped us engage with God in a truly awesome way.
The talks centred around Ester were really challenging especially with the drama from the Lacey theatre company.  The speakers were great although it was a shame not having Jackie Pullinger who was replaced by Jeff Lucas.
Chosen (Esther 1:1‐2:18) 
Conspiracy (Esther 2:19‐3:15) 
Challenge (Esther 4:1‐17) 
Crisis (Esther 5‐6)
Conclusion (Esther 7)
One real highlight for me was seeing Jonathan Veira perform in the After hours show.  This was brilliant!
Although we haven’t yet booked for next year we are really looking forward to go back next year.
We still hear little snippets of “Jesus is my best friend” being sung by Christopher (aged 2 1/2)
Spring Harvest 2011 here we come.

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