Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bad Piggies - review

I don’t play many computer games - I am definitely not a gamer….

But I do love Angry Birds and all the other Angry Birds spin off’s

So I was very excited this week to download Bad Piggies for the iPad. Bad Piggies is a Physics-based cartoon style game where you have to build special carts and vehicles to move piggies through a course collecting stars to a finish line.  The game play is relatively simple and in the early stages there are lots of hints to help you design the vehicle.

My eight year old son seems to be hooked on this and loves it even more than Angry Birds.

Some people are suggesting that Bad Piggies is much harder to play than Angry Birds and that this might put off the casual gamer but I am not sure.

Here’s to Bad Piggies!

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