Sunday, 4 March 2012

My 100th post - countdown to Spring Harvest 2012

The countdown is on for Spring Harvest 2012.

As a family we are really excited about heading down to Minehead in just over a months time for Spring Harvest 2012.

The themes for each day are looking really exciting and details have now been posted on the Spring Harvest website.

Each day we will look at a ‘brilliant idea’ involved in God’s founding of the church:

Day 2 - God’s brilliant idea - ‘Shine through them!’

God chooses to shine his light through human beings, and since Pentecost this has meant the church - the People of God. We will look at the connections between church and mission, and just how it is that God shines through his people.

Day 3 - God’s brilliant idea: ‘Give them power!’

God does not only ask us to shine for him, he empowers us to do so. The ‘shining’ of God’s people comes from the infilling and in-fuelling of the Holy Spirit. We will look at the New Testament description of the church as the Community of the Spirit, the very dwelling-place of God and explore the Holy Spirit as God’s gift to the church.

Day 4 - God’s brilliant idea: ‘Help them love!’

As we engage with God’s mission in the world, we follow the lead and the example of Jesus, whose self-giving love is the very basis of our faith. Servant love is to be the mark of the Christian community. We will explore the calling of the church to be the Body of Christ, called by him to continue his ministry in the world.

Day 5 - God’s brilliant idea: ‘Make them one!’

The church the New Testament foresees is multicultural, multi-national and multi-lingual. The name given to this people in the Bible is the Bride of Christ - beautiful, sparkling and deeply loved by God. We will explore the joy of our diversity; embracing the call of God to reach every tribe and culture and escaping cultural captivity to express love for the ‘other’.

Over these four days the threads of church and mission will be woven together. Our vibrant, practical programme will get you thinking more, loving more and doing more. Spring Harvest 2012 is a celebration of the most life-changing, world-shaking community in history. Join us in April and bring your family, friends and your church!  

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