Friday, 22 July 2011

The Summer Holidays!

It's come to that time of the year again - the last day of the summer term.

For all teachers everywhere this is generally a day that is greeted with much anticipation and excitement -no marking to be done tomorrow, a lie-in on Monday morning.

Whilst shopping the other day I was reminded again of the big business of thank you cards for teachers in the card shops.

For about the tenth year in a row I didn't get a card - not one!

I am not too depressed about this, I know that it's not because I am a bad or unaproachable teacher but where I work the giving of cards doesn't happen.

Does that mean I feel unappreciated?


During today I have had many students come up to me to wish me a happy holiday, to enjoy my break etc.  This has really meant so much to me.

I love teaching, I love the students at my school and genuinely care about them.  There will be several characters who I will miss during the summer break and look forward to teaching them again next year.  For some of them I worry about the break they will have, the lack of holidays away and the time they will spend with little to do.

The next six weeks will go so quickly and the start of term will come again soon.  I have long stopped thinking of the summer holidays as a perk of the job but more of a gift and an opportunity.

Happy Holidays!

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