Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Smell what sells?

After watching tonight's episode of the Apprentice I am really appalled with the efforts of both teams.
Team Logic 728
Team Venture 751
A win for team Venture, a really poor win and a cancel of the treat.  I think that this is the first time in the series that we have seen Lord Sugar so upset.

As I type this in real time I wonder what is going to happen next?

Into the board room goes ... Tom, Melody and Helen.

The first lost task for Helen - I blame Melody and really think that Helen was the right person to take over the lead of that team.

So Melody says she is going nowhere - but will she?

But listening to Helen it seems that she still has the wrong approach to the task.

And here goes Tom with his fight back.

"Which of you three brain surgeons allowed this to happen?" (Lord Sugar)

And here goes the argue in the board room as Melody and Helen fight.

Time to step outside as Lord Sugar confers with Karen and Nick.

The clock is ticking ....

Melody - "I put myself first on the first task", "Lord Sugar, listen" and "the Queen mentioned me!"

Helen - "I have won every single task" but "No you have been on every winning team"

Tom - "on paper you are right up my alley", "I've seen solutions too late"

I still don't know who will get fired but Melody feels that Tom is being disrespectful!

On that basis "Melody - you're fired!"

(Hoorah! Hooray! Hoorah! Hooray!)

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