Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Should benefits be capped?

There has been much in the news over the last couple of days about people having a cap placed on the amount of benefits they can receive.

I personally think that the Government are right - work should pay and everyone should be encouraged into a full time job to support their families.  Welfare and benefits are important as it supports those who find themselves unable to work or support their families.

I have had a pay freeze now for 5 years in the public sector which means in real terms my pay has gone down as the price for everything goes up.

Should benefits therefore go up at a faster rate than inflation and should there be a cap on how much you should be entitled to receive?

I read on the BBC news website this article today about this.

What interested me the most was not the content but the comments left.  I am naturally drawn to the lowest rated comments on any BBC News article and this didn't disappoint.

As someone with a very hard working ethic (and who incidentally also wants the best for my kids) I found this amazing.  I was shocked for many reasons but what struck me the most was that I thought these sort of images of benefit claimants were made up by the media.  Do they not feel that with this example their children may also become NEETS when they leave school?

What do you think?

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