Monday, 13 August 2012

Camera Review: Fuji FinePix S2995

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After nearly eight very happy with my Fuji FinePix S5500 camera I decided it was time to upgrade to something newer.  I really love Bridge cameras, the functionality and design of aDSLR but with a single built in lens and electronic view finder.  Without wishing to spend too much money on a camera I settled for the FinePix S2995.

Watch the following video for  a review of this camera.

For more photos taken during the review.


  1. Taking a long look at this, as it has just dropped below £100 at my local Jessups - thanks for a very enlightening roundup!

  2. Hi Spenser. Thanks for your reviews. My 1st 'decent' digital camera was also the Fuji S5500. I bought it in 2005 about a year after I'd immigrated to Israel and had just about ditched photography as a hobby. I'd been shooting film and wasn't happy with the results as my progress was slow and, well, it wasn't going anywhere.

    But one day I was offered an opportunity to accompany a PR tour to the Gaza Strip and desperately needed a camera. Bought the S5500 and simply took it from there. Today I shoot Nikon SLRs (D300 and F100) semi-professionally and have two mediocre point and shoots from Canon and Panasonic. It's the latter two I am looking to replace with a versatile bridgecam small enough to slip into my SwissArmy pouch (which in itself is slightly bigger than a 7" tablet.

    My plan is to have a decent camera with me at all times, alongside my tablet and (surprisingly) cameraless cellphone, whenever I am on the road - be it to work, a weekend trip to Jerusalem, or the crowded streets of Tel Aviv. Sadly, these days my SLRs only come out when it's a paid gig. They are just too big and heavy to have with me on a daily basis.

    The S2995 looks light it might fit the bill. I have yet to try it out but in terms of size - and the fact that it has an EVF; takes AA batteries and has FujiColour software - have lured me in its direction. The only downside is that it shoots video in 720p and lacks an hotshoe (but let's be realistic).

    My S5500 was sold a LONG time ago. I replaced it with a Canon 300D and in time several other SLRs as my skills grew. I still have many of the images I took back then. Despite the fact that it had a 4MP sensor, it also shot RAW and had a really decent lens. Terrible shutter lag as I recall but didn't stop me using it for action. On my PR tour to Gaza I was caught up in a rocket attack (Islamic Jihad took credit) which saw several people being killed. I worked alongside a group of photojournalists from Reuters and elsewhere covering the action at the scene. Them with their high-end Canon 1Ds and me with my lil S5500. I got the shots. It was a really capable camera and I expect the same from the S2995.

    Right now I have also looked at the Canon SX500 and am considering the Panasonic FZ200 as a Nikon D300 replacement. The latter with its constant F2.8 zoom and port for an external mike are very enticing capabilities if I get into the docci business.

    I will let you know if I get the S2995.

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)