Saturday, 5 May 2012

iWires Mini DiplayPort to HDMI Connector

Bought today my first cable from the range of iWires cables at my local Apple Store.

For £25 the connector is able to connect -

Mac mini / MacBook (Post May 2010) / MacBook Pro (Post April 2010) and an iMac to a TV / Monitor.

The connector is also compatible with the thunderbolt display on the new MacBook Air offering both audio and video connection to a HDMI TV.

Initially connecting to the TV was easy and the MacBook Air recognised the TV quickly.  I did however have trouble establishing an audio connection.  A quick look on line didn’t offer any help so I tried the obvious trick of rebooting whilst still connected to the TV and this cleared the issue.

I did need some experimentation trying to find the best video settings but eventually 1080i seemed the sharpest image.

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